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About the author:

Hi, I'm Jon D'Alessandro and I run the Bring Ambition Newsletter (and its companion blog, Bring Ambition).

I work in Talent Development in the Private Equity / Financial Services industry, training and coaching high-achieving clients to optimal performance. I don’t just write about professional development topics - I work in the trenches with real executives and emerging leaders, teaching strategies that actually work.

In past lives I was a solopreneur, freelance copywriter, and demolition manager. Outside of work, you can find me spending with my dogs Gertrude and Larry.


Opinions are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

I only recommend resources, products, and books I have tried and find valuable. Sometimes I earn commissions for my recommendations via Amazon’s affiliate program. This revenue helps keep the newsletter and site up and running.

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I work in Talent Development and Executive Coaching, developing and educating high potential leaders. Outside of work, I am a musician, writer, occasional woodworker, motorcycle enthusiast, and proud dog dad to two energetic Wirehaired Pointers.